“A great portrait needs no words or explanation.”

-Felix Ramirez-


Easy upfront pricing. No hidden fee's or unexpected charges.

Portrait Session

In Studio or On-site
$ 195 / Per Hour
  • Custom photography is an investment of memories that last a lifetime
  • Your private session with our photographer is a perfect way to preserve your memories into a unique work of art.

Post Editing Fee's

Professional Raw File Editing
$ 199 / Per Order
  • Custom photography is an investment of memories that last a lifetime
  • We shoot your pictures in RAW Digital format. To get the best possible results, post editing is required which takes hours behind the scenes.


Highest Quality Prints
$ 0
/ Starting at
  • We offer highest quality photo printing. Premium quality photographic papers. All of our photos individually
  • Easy up Front Pricing. No Hidden Fee's. Pricing does NOT include taxes. See Complete Price List Below

Prints Pricing

Accurate color, lifelike skin tones, realistic saturation, archival quality and a traditional photo finish are just a few reasons why people love our Prints.

Please note: Receive the 11+ prints pricing when ordering 11+ of the same photo. Pricing Structure does not apply when ordering 11+ prints of multiple images.

Lustre Coating adds a rich sheen to your prints and protects against fingerprints and UV exposure.

Fine Linen Texture  This roller applied texture gives your Prints a subtle linen look.

Mini (set of 8) 1.75×2.5″1.33¢1.12¢+46¢+41¢
4 x 5″79¢74¢+49¢+16¢
6 x 9″$2.48$2.27+88¢+30¢
8 x 8″$2.90$2.59+88¢+41¢
5 x 15″$5.32$4.79+88¢+41¢
8.5 x 11″$4.16$3.64+$1.72+72¢
10 x 10″$5.32$4.79+$1.72+72¢
9 x 12″$5.32$4.79+$1.72+72¢
10 x 13″$6.58$6.05+$1.72+72¢
12 x 12″$7.31$6.58+$1.72+72¢
10 x 15″$8.57$7.84+$1.93+83¢
5 x 30″$13.82$13.19+$2.09+$1.04
10 x 20″$11.51$10.88+$1.93+83¢
12 x 18″$13.82$13.19+$2.09+$1.04
12 x 24″$20.12$17.81+$2.35+$2.61
16 x 24″$24.43$21.91+$2.98+$2.72
20 x 20″$24.43$21.91+$2.98+$2.72
20 x 24″$26.95$24.43+$2.98+$2.72
20 x 30″$34.51$30.73+$3.51+$3.35
*24 x 36″$60.97$58.45+$7.08n/a


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